Compare And Contrast Marbury Vs Madison

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Jared Gaudet
Marbury vs. Madison
Marbury versus Madison is a landmark judicial case that forever changed the powers of the Supreme Court. Marbury vs. Madison took place just after the presidential election of 1800 between Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson and Federalist John Adams. Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams effectively transferring power to the Democratic - Republican Party, also known as the revolution of 1800.
Marbury vs. Madison was a result of legislation signed by President John Adams. Lame duck president John Adams signed the judiciary act 0f 1801, during the period between the election of 1800 and the day of oath for President Jefferson. The Judiciary act of 1801 was an extension of the Judiciary act of 1789. The Judiciary act of 1801 created new district courts, circuit courts, and justices of the peace which were not in the original constitution. During this time John Adams appointed 16 circuit court judges, and 42 justices of the peace. These appointees are referred as the midnight judges. The commissions were unable to be writ prior to John Adams leaving office and when President Jefferson took office and ordered acting Secretary of State James Madison to cancel the majority of these judgeships. Effectively giving us Marbury vs. Madison …show more content…

John Marshall was the chief justice of the Supreme Court who also served as Secretary of State during John Adams presidency. John Marshall was the man in charge of having the appointees commissioned during his time as President Adams Secretary of State. William Marbury took his case to the Supreme Court and demanded a writ of mandamus challenging James Madison. John Marshall the man who could not get William Marbury his commission before Adams’ presidential time ran out would now be ruling over the

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