Compare And Contrast Margaret Atwood And The Siren Song

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Both “Siren Song” by Margaret Atwood paired with Ulysses The Sirens by John Williams Waterhouse use the myth of Ulysses to show that he was surrounded by sirens and tied to an long pole and couldn't break loose.The Sirens were scary and dangerous creatures that seduced the sailors with their attractive voices to their doom and causing the ships to ruin by the island.The Sirens likes to hurt people by luring sailors with their enchanting music to their death.The Sirens were beautiful but they were also threatening creatures that caused men to crash on the ships.The Sirens seem to have evolved from an ancient tale of the dangers of early exploration combined with an Asian image of a bird-woman. By reading the poem “Siren Song” it can be understood that Margaret Atwood explaining that the song thats makes men jump overboard. She then says no one has heard the song because those who did are dead.She also try to sing the song in exchange for helping get bird suit. The tone of the poem can be described as curious and …show more content…

As you look at the painting you can see a man tied up against a long pole and surrounded by creatures. The poem tell that the sirens were trying to manipulate the men. As you read the poem the bird ask the man to lean in so the bird can tell him an secret song that's man thinks overwhelming. Myths are used to verify the way society lives, myth is also a good way about thinking about the past. The poem basically specify a siren singing a song to men. The poem gives us readers an open mind when it comes to myths and the human experience and try to use that to compare with our lives. Both Margaret Atwood and John Williams Waterhouse demonstrates this very well throughout the poem and by observing the

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