Mccandles And Ruess Analysis

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McCandles Parallel Essay Every person in this world has dreams and reasons to live. They live with a goal that they want to achieve sometime in their lives. It may be as simple as wanting to rest at the end of the day or beating the world’s record and becoming popular. There are a few people that are similar to Chris McCandles and Everett Ruess that is willing to give up everything they have in exchange for their dream. McCandles and Ruess both represent freedom, adventure and romanticism for they lived their lives pursuing their dreams with a strong mindset that encouraged them to be one with the nature and away from everyone else. They both lived appreciating the beauty of nature and chose to take the challenges and live independently with freedom in their hands. McCandles and Ruess have similar views about the wilderness that is very different from most people. Most people would see the wild as a very dangerous place and no human beings should choose to live there unless if you’re insane enough to harm yourself. However, for McCandles and Ruess entering the wild and living there was their biggest dream that they want to achieve no matter how difficult it would be, for they saw it as another adventure that they want to experience. Ruess wrote in one of his …show more content…

They both dedicated their lives to the wild and took on challenges that came along with it. The author, Krakauer, included Ruess’ story in the book to perform as an example from those stories that inspired McCanldles to travel. He wants people to understand that people like McCandles and Ruess are one of those few people that would do everything in their capabilities to achieve their goal. One thing that is very significant about them and would differentiate them from any other person is that they have the courage to take all the risks of achieving their happiness in

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