Compare And Contrast Night By Elie Wiesel

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Elie wiesel and Jeanne Wakatsuki have both had very hard lives that were filled with many tragedies and hardships, with many similarities and differences they were both forced to do many things during their lives. Most of the time the time the things they were forced to do were also things that did not want to do.
Elie wiesel and jeane are both really alike not just because they were both sent to a camp but also the things that happened during their lives are similar. Here are some things that are similar between the two of them. They were alike because they were both children of whose family was forcibly removed from their home. And they were also both taken to a camp. In these camps they were both made to do things they didn't want to do. Eliezer …show more content…

They were also alike because of their dads. In both stories there was a point where there dad started to deteriorate from them. For jeane her dad started to deteriorate and become a drunk when they took him away for a year when papa wakatsuki finally got back from being accused for selling oil to the japanese he was a totally different person. For elie him and his dad started to deteriorate and then came back and were close to each other again at the end here's why. Elie and his father started to deteriorate when they got sent away to the camp and got split up from their other family members, but then they also started coming back to each other in the end because they had to fight and fight and fight to just stay alive. At the end Elie wiesel's father started getting weak and weak and didn't have no

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