Compare And Contrast She's The Man And Twelfth Night

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When someone mentions Shakespeare, most young people would directly think of an old, dead man that wrote plays that they would never understand. They also may think that they would never, ever enjoy any of his pieces; but little did they now that one of the teens favorite mid two thousand movie “She’s the Man” was based on one of Shakespeare’s plays. The comedic movie is based on Shakespeare’s very famous “Twelfth night.” The modern version of the play was viewed and loved by many teenagers who thought that they would never like any Shakespeare’s plays. I for one watched the movie many time’s before I noticed that they mention how “She’s the Man” is based on Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” in the beginning credits of the movie. Both play and …show more content…

While in the play her reason was to stay safe, in “She’s the Man” Viola wanted to prove a point by playing on the soccer team. A few other differences are that in the play Sebastian is with a sailor named Antonio and Viola does not know that he is alive while in the movie Sebastian is in London, and Viola knows that. Also, both Sebastians had no idea what their sisters did. The love triangle is the same in both and is resolved in the same manner.
Similar themes in “Twelfth Night” and “She’s the Man” is comedy, love, relationships and lies. These themes are shown in the love triangle person in both and in the cross-dressing on Viola. Some of the themes that were only included in “Twelfth Night” include society and class. While in “She’s the Man” feminism is strongly portrayed.
It can be fascinating to see how a modern, twenty-first century movie can be based on a play written in the early seventeenth century. Even though there are any similarities, there are also many differences with both themes of the play and the movie. Although Shakespeare’s work may be very old, it still has a huge influence on our world till today, and will probably be like that for a long

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