Much Ado About Nothing Movie Vs Play Analysis

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In my opinion, I think that the movie version and the play version, of Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, are not very different. They have a lot of similarities for example; Hero and Claudio met and thought they should be together, Claudio thinks he saw Hero cheating on him with another man. So therefore at their wedding he demanded for her to die because of her relations with another man. Claudio realizes he was wrong about what she did and he had to marry her cousin without seeing her at all till they’re married. The wedding day comes and once she uncovers her face its hero, and Beatrice and Benedick are in love with each other. In both the movie and the play have very different clothing styles. In the movie, it had a very 1500’s look. They had all the white clothes and dresses. There clothing fit the part that they were playing in the movie. It was very flowing like and not tight. For example, Claudio he has this white suit on because he was a part of the army. It fit that part he was playing in the movie, but not when Shakespeare first wrote it. The play version was more like the 80’s time period. It was closer to our time period so we could relate more to it and it would seem more …show more content…

The movie version wasn’t all that long. They took a bunch of lines out of the play so they play would be shorter and not as long and it wouldn’t make people not want to watch the anymore. They tried to put the most important lines that were written on their script into the movie. So as time went on I think people got tired of the same old movie version of Much Ado About Nothing. So I think they wanted to make it into or closer to our time period. So they made a play version of Much Ado About Nothing. This time in the play version they put all the lines in so you would be able to see what the whole story is like, but it’s not a drastic difference to the movie version from the play

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