Compare And Contrast The American Revolution Vs French Revolution

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In analyzing the onset of both the American Revolution and the French Revolution we can observe a slew of similarities that they share, along with a couple of ways in which they aren't so similar.The socio political climate was similar during these times where both the Thirteen colonies and France were fractionated into separate groups based on how loyal and comfortable they were with their current government.Along with that, there was much turmoil rooted disagreement about how people should be represented, and whether or not a monarchy was beneficial.However, the key difference during these two Revolutions was that the French Revolution's entire purpose was to reform France and make it better, while the point of the American Revolution was to completely separate themselves from British rule.These two Revolutions were more similar than different as they were sparked by many of the same reasons, but their original goal was much different. Around the early 1770s, the Thirteen Colonies would start to a plethora of new taxes placed on them in order to pay off the debt of the British from their previous wars.People didn't see eye to eye on this issue and soon developed into factions of Loyalists and Patriots.Loyalists were loyal to the British crown and were less in search of reform, while the Patriots sought fair representation and eventually
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