Compare And Contrast The Authority And Power Of Augustus Of Primaporta

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The transformation of Rome from a Republic to an empire enabled Roman elites to expand their influence over vast regions along Europe and portions of the middle East. To assert their authority and power, emperors would construct large buildings, magnificent artworks of themselves, and vast forums. For example, the Roman sculpture Augustus of Primaporta created in 20 C.E out of marble succeeding the death of Octavian clearly portrays efforts to convey the authority and power of the Roman Empire. Through implementation of an orator stance and battle inscriptions on the breastplate of Octavian, the refined Augustus of Primaporta effectively sculpts the power and authority of the Roman empire during the times of the Pax Romana. The orator stance seen in the sculpture Augustus of Primaporta depicts the efforts of Roman emperors to assert political authority and power. Through the employment of contrapposto adopted from the Greeks, a cool, calm, and collective nature was exhibited from the sculpture, portraying that Augustus inherently attained the traits of a proficient …show more content…

The victories shown on the breastplate portray the emperor as a tactical mastermind towards the Roman people, re-associating him with traits of a strong, noble, and influential man. Indeed, the characteristics exhibited from the work construct the notion that the emperor's strength in battle is the reason for the Pax Romana, reasserting his military power and authority. Moreover, the breastplate depicts the gods taking Augustus side in battle, sculpting the sense of a divine rule, and overall establishing the militaristic authority and power of the Roman emperor and empire. Ultimately, the implementation of the breastplate with battle inscriptions enabled the Roman Empire to directly project the martial authority it had over the citizens of

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