Compare And Contrast The French Relationship With The Native American Indians

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The new world was a land full of untapped resources and land for European nations. Spain, Britain, and France all had different reasons to explore the Americas, but none of them knew of the Native Americans. The Natives were seen as both valuable and obstructive to the European nations and so each nation treated them differently. The Native Americans had a positive relationship with the French, but negative relationships with the British and Spanish.
The Native Americans and the French had a very positive relationship. The purpose of the French in the Americas was to establish trade routes. France was not looking to settle when exploring the Americas, instead France was looking to develop a trade route(Locke, Wright, 2019). French were gaining wealth from their relationship with the Native Americans. If the French tried to take over the Americas like the French and British did by enslaving and in some cases killing the natives, they would have lost access to resources such as fur, and other goods found in …show more content…

Unlike the French the British were looking to settle in the new world. In 1607, the settlement Jamestown was founded in the new world, in the early phases the settlement had unsuccessful agriculture and disease. The Anglo-Powhatan Indians developed a good relationship with Jamestown for the first 5 years as the natives taught them how to survive off the land, but as colonists continued to die in large numbers the relationship with the Powhatan Indians was lost. A few decades later wars were waged between the colonists and the Natives due to the unfair treatment of Natives. As a result of the wars, many Native Americans were taken as war fugitives and were shipped across the colonies to become slaves (Locke, Wright, 2019). In conclusion, the treatment of the natives ultimately lead to a negative relationship between Britain and Native

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