Compare And Contrast Trifles And A Doll's House

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In the play Trifles, written by Susan Glaspell, and the play A Doll’s House, written by Henrik Ibsen, there are two ladies who undergo two different situations. Mrs. Wright is someone who is assumed as the murderer of her husband Mr. Wright. On the other hand, Nora manipulates her husband by taking out a loan without his approval. These two ladies both face isolation in their relationships and eventually end up without their husbands. These two characters differ in their personalities, their actions in their marriages, and their overall marriage. Mrs. Wright and Nora both have different personalities. Mrs. Wrights personality in the play is innocence. She exhibits this by not allowing Mrs. Hale to see John. She acts as if she is completely shocked by his death. Mrs. Hale states, “She was rockin’ back and forth. She had her apron in her hand and was kind of-pleating it” (Glaspell 1081). This allows us to know that Mrs. Wright was still shocked from what happened. It is also seen in her unfinished quilt and her messy kitchen. Her unfinished quilt has many knots in it. This shows that Mrs. Wright is very confused and not in the right state of mind. Her messy kitchen shows how long it had been since she cleaned the kitchen. This also states that Mrs. Wright is very confused, because she is expected to always keep the house clean, and after the death of …show more content…

But, look here; your father dated his signature the 2nd of October. It is a discrepancy, isn’t it? Can you explain it to me?” (Ibsen 1374). Nora tries to manipulate Krogstad into believing that her father was terribly ill, and was not able to sign his name, so she signed it for him. She also manipulates her husband into giving her an allowance. While he gives her this allowance, she is working behind his back trying to make extra money. This shows how Nora is a character who is very manipulative. Mrs. Wright is someone who is very innocent, as for Nora is someone who is

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