Comparing Beowulf 'And Hobbit'

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Monsters are always a big part of stories. Usually they are an Antagonist of a story blocking the hero from completing his/her quest showing qualities of being powerful, immoral, and determined. Beowulf and the Hobbit have good examples of monsters in their stories. Beowulf is about a man who is the strongest there is, the nicest, and the most intelligent defeating great threats to kingdoms. There are three main antagonists in beowulf, Grendel, the troll wife, and the dragon. The Hobbit is about a hobbit who is selected to be a burglar in an adventure to reclaim a dwarf kingdom taken by a dragon. In the Hobbit there are 3main monsters, Gollum, Azog, and Smaug.
Monsters show many signs of being powerful, they have to be in order to be a …show more content…

In Beowulf the Troll wife was determined to get her revenge for the Danes and Beowulf killing her son Grendel. She took Grendel’s body to her underwater cave and raided the Dane’s hall to get Grendel’s arm back. This caused suspicion and fear among the Danes thus suspending Beowulf’s leave. In the Hobbit Gollum is striving to live and stumbles upon Bilbo. Gollum wants to kill Bilbo and they play a game of riddles together, Gollum tries very hard to solve Bilbo’s riddles and asks him to ask a question, due to the fact he never specified what question Bilbo asked what was in his pocket. Gollum unable to answer the question is lead to believe Bilbo stole a ring from him and tries to kill him with determination similar to other monsters.
Three keys to a Monster is that they are powerful, immoral, and determined to their cause. Azog from the hobbit and the Dragon from Beowulf both showed great power giving the hero a great challenge. Grendel and Smaug showed signs of immorality by attacking a kingdom and causing terror. The Troll wife and Gollum were determined to get their revenge on those who have taken away something from them. Qualities such as these make monsters more notable and more meaningful than even the heros

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