Compare And Contrast Beowulf Movie And Movie

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In the Epic Story Beowulf This movie, book drama Beowulf plays the Protagonist in the story who plays the hero of the Danes, and comes to assist Hrothgar who is King of the Danes. In the Movie and the Book, Beowulf aids the Danes as a favor after the Danes are attacked by Grendel who plays the Monster in the both the book and movie, who hated seeing the men celebrate their victories. In return of Beowulf going after Grendel after Grendel attacked the Danes, Beowulf went to kill Grendel. After the killing of Grendel, a strange woman who is known to be Grendel’s Mother comes to seek revenge on the killer who murdered her son.
Grendel was known to have attacked innocent soldiers, however; Beowulf attacks, and kills Grendel whereas, his mother will soon take out revenge on his killer. Grendel who is the monster, hated to see the men celebrate their joy after winning victories. In Return, it made Grendel Upset in the movie and textbook when he discovered the men celebrating he goes into the hall once they all were asleep and attacked him. It upsets the Danes that he had killed their men. Beowulf then heard the news and gathered his strongest men to attack Grendel. They plotted on how Beowulf could destroy Grendel for what he did to the men. No one actually wanted to go against Grendel because, he was so dangerous. However, Beowulf was not afraid he did not care how dangerous he was. Beowulf considered, he may even die. Beowulf Challenged Grendel for attacking and killing the

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