Comparing Courtly Love In The Great Gatsby And Walsingham

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Love has always had a place in every culture and society since the origin of time. Love binds individuals, lives of harmony, or places a person in an overpowering state of elation or misery. Literature has adapted its beliefs, people’s views, and even society as well. It first emerged into doctrine in European literature. Love will forever be common in literature. Love impacted literature with “The Great Gatsby” and the “Walsingham”. The poetry of the courtly love belief was recorded in the vernacular, the common language, of a daily life. A lai was a short romance that combined supernatural elements and courtly love tradition. In medieval romance, to the knight, a duchess was distinguished as a prized possession. The conflict between the sexual desires of both the noble and the lady is a hypothetical virtue of their “spiritual” love. In England, courtly love pertained to the Virgin Mary. An example of a relationship would be the legend of King Arthur, where his empress, Guinevere, yearned for Sir Lancelot. The story displays a king who is impressed by a knight, who happened to cast his eyes upon his Queen, but little did he know that his new opponent fell for his wife. After some time, Lancelot …show more content…

It was a private relationship between members of the nobility. In The Great Gatsby, there is a man named Jay Gatsby, who hoped to reunite with a woman named Daisy Buchanan (Fitzgerald). He then has a grand party and with the help of an acquaintance, he planned to stage an “ accidental” reuniting with his significant other. There were some obstacles that Gatsby has to face, like Daisy’s husband; who Daisy did not want to leave him, while Gatsby was being very demanding and stressful: “But his heart was in a constant, turbulent riot” (Fitzgerald). There was constantly a lot of commotion that led to Gatsby’s death. Having two men fighting over one woman, led up to a bloody sight that cannot be taken

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