Sociological Theory Of Courtly Love

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A valiant knight who rides his noble steed while a damsel dreams for the one who will rescue her. This plot which continually inspired modern works started during the medieval era and was known as the courtly love. Many historians have analyzed how the courtly love ideal was formed. From the several factors that could have influenced the creation of this ideal, this essay presents how courtly love was a product of the sociological aspects but not the religious aspects of medieval culture. The different sociological factors surrounding medieval society helped form the idea of courtly love. Feudalism was one main reason why the courtly love ideal flourished during that time. Its influence was presented in the works wherein a knight promised his service to his lady which was similar to a servant’s obedience to his lord. Because of the increasing popularity of courtly love works, serving women became a highly admired practice for men. Feudalism became a template for most of the poets as their works promote values like obedience and loyalty to a higher authority which was often followed during that time. Courtly love did not only embody the emotional aspect of love but it also maintained the social practices. But as their society began to shift, feudalism also became threatened. According to Boase, courtly love which presented significant relationships between a lover and a noble person became a way for the nobility to ensure their people’s faithfulness to them.

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