Comparing Mercutio In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The first change of the movie, which most people saw almost immediately as this character appeared was Mercutio. He acted a lot different in the movie than he did in the play, in the movie he was more childish, immature, more dramatic. For example when Mercutio started telling Romeo the story of Queen Mab, he was more dramatic and sarcastic but by the end he was almost screaming, and during the Capulet party he was extremely childish, which most people thought was funny but if the situation was more serious, many people would be upset and angry with him. I believe that the director decided to change Mercutio in this way is to make it more dramatic than the play was originally, to make the scenes more tense if needed. The kinds of effects that this can have on a viewer that has read the play make it seem like he is extremely childish, and doesn’t really care about most things, and in some parts of the movie it seemed like he didn’t care that much about things that have happened.

A scene that is different in the movie than it is in the play is when Juliet drank the potion and ¨died¨. After she drank it the Nurse didn't come into her room to get her, the Nurse didn't yell for Lady Capulet, instead Juliet was …show more content…

Although both the play and the movie is dramatic, the movie was more dramatic. When Mercutio died, it was a lot more dramatic than in the play, when Tybalt killed him he looked like he regretted it a little and Mercutio didn’t want help from Romeo when he tried to help him walk, he kept pushing him away. The love between Romeo and Juliet was more immature than in the play, even the movie made it seem more immature than in the play. Even though they both cared for each other greatly, their love seemed a bit childish. Their love is more of a flight of fancy than serious, they tried to be serious but that didn’t work well. It also looked like they were trying a bit too hard too keep their relationship

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