Similarities And Differences Between Romeo And Juliet Play And Movie

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There was a feud going on between the two families that lead to a series of tragedies. In the play and movie of Romeo and Juliet there were two young teens. One was named Juliet, her mother was forcing her to marry a guy named Paris. However she did not want to marry Paris. Then there was Romeo who was from a different household; that happened to be enemies with the Capulet household. Romeo then goes to Juliet house party; they end up falling in love that night.While some differences between the movie and play are weapons,when Romeo sneaks out and when Juliet wakes up before romeo dies.The similarities are how Mercutio dies in both the play and movie. In Romeo and Juliet the two different families didn’t get along. In the movie it can make it more action packed when using guns in a fight. In the fighting scene they use pistols in the movie whereas in the play they use swords (Shakespeare 1.1). It could also make it more appealing to people if they uses pistol instead of swords.It is more common and exciting to watch. The movie and play were different because they changed it up to make it more modern day. The director could have’t changed it to pistols instead of swords so it would catch more people’s attention.This could explain why the director changed the weapon to a pistol in the movie. In act 2 this would be when Romeo sneaks out to see Juliet outside her window this is another difference. Juliet says, “By whose direction found’st thou out this place?”

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