Romeo And Juliet Comparative Essay

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When you think of famous play writers, you may think of William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and actor, extensively the greatest writer in the English Language and the World’s pre-eminent dramatist. Mainly his plays were about tragedies like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Over the years the story of Romeo and Juliet had been told and converted into modern day point of views. You may notice in both the original and modern plays, anything common or different between them. We will, therefore see in the original and modern, Romeo and Juliet, the similarities and differences in the plot, character and ending. To illustrate, in the original Romeo and Juliet the plot involves a large amount of conflict. The story…show more content…
In fact, it’s like the alternative because Romeo and Juliet are allowed to be together and they never died. Further, the modern ending ended with no real lesson of their true love, but showed how the dads can cooperated and make peace. In this situation, Montague and Capulet worked together to create a plan that had worked, but also making their children happy. Modern Romeo and Juliet may not be as involved with drama as the original, but they sure do find a way back to each other. As well as a cost of humor which came from the kidnapper in the end. The kidnapper had handed the two parents their bill for hiring him after he was all beat from Romeo. In this story they found a way for everyone to be happy without death being caused. In the long run, there were many common and different things about the two storylines. Not only that, you have seen how the original and modern stories have a way of telling their part of the story. Although, the story of Romeo and Juliet can be seen in many ways they all show a strong love for two people who are bound to be together. These two people may not be allowed to be with each other but they always find a way to one another no matter the cost. All in all, Romeo and Juliet is a story loved from many people and is still being told through the
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