Comparing Parenting Styles Analysis

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I babysit for two families who are very similar, yet very different. While both families live in the same neighborhood, on the same river, on the same street, and pay babysitters generously, the parents ' expectations and parenting styles differ dramatically. One set of parents allows their boys to go off and play without my constant supervision. The other parents expect me to remain directly involved with their son the entire time. There are differences in their parenting styles, their time management, and the expectations they have of the babysitter. I 've known the Anderson family for a few years, having met them at church, and I babysat their boys often during the summer. The parents are easygoing in their parenting style. I 'm allowed to be on my phone or watch TV, eat their food, and even invite a friend over while I 'm babysitting. The boys are so independent, it 's like I 'm not even needed. The younger boy is often somewhere in the neighborhood playing with …show more content…

The Barrons are wonderful parents, but they are much more protective and expect me to stay directly involved with their son while I 'm babysitting. I was told not to use my phone all the time because I should be focused on the boy. In addition, his mother told me that wherever Brock goes, I go. He is not allowed to roam the neighborhood alone, so I hop on a bike and go with him from house to house, following him like a shadow. When I first met him, it felt awkward to stick that close, but now that I 've gotten to know the neighbor boys, it 's not so bad, and it forces me to stay active. Timing is another issue on which the two families differ. The Barrons hired me to babysit from 3:00-6:00 pm Monday through Thursday. I pick up Brock from school, make sure he does his homework and practices the trumpet, and then supervise him while he plays for the next hour and a half. His mother arrives home promptly at 6:00, which allows me to have dinner with my family and get my homework done at a

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