Summary Of Me Talk Pretty One Day By David Sedaris

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I read “Me talk pretty one day” by Author and comedian David Sedaris. He tells us of his turmoil’s while learning French abroad. David studied his new language in France. He tells us about his time in class, what his teacher was like and his experiences in everyday life. He gives us some goo insight into the stress he underwent while studying. David gives us some funny yet brutal examples of life while in class. His passage is informative and expressive. David used his writing to express and relieve his stress and frustration. I will incorporate David’s experience in France and his struggles along with my own personal experience. David starts by telling us he hasn’t ever been fond or use to schooling. He tells us of a time in Kindergarten when he was pulled away from his mother and taken into class. His kindergarten teacher tells him, “You’ll get us to it.” David says, “I’m still waiting.” He lets us know he has yet to find that comfort. He made it clear he was not happy with his academic career. When I began preschool, our teacher allowed all the parents to come in to make sure we all felt at ease. I wish David would have had the same treatment. By him telling us of his early year experience, this lets us know he is not excited about …show more content…

The teacher poked Hyeyoon in the eye with a freshly sharped pencil. The teacher proceeded to tell the poor girl, “Well, you should have been paying more attention.” This is the one sentence that made me feel terrible for this class. Students shouldn’t be treat so harshly. We, as a student, are there to learn. I was able to study French in France as well. We were all treated with kindness and respect. If we messed up a word, our teacher would work with us till we were able to understand the letter pronunciation and speak the word perfectly. We surly weren’t poked in the eyes with pencils. This is the best example David gave as to how brutal his teacher was to

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