Literary Analysis Of David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day

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Many people around the globe can speak more than one language. In some countries, like Den-mark, it is required by the government that you learn a foreign language at school. Of course not all countries are as privileged as Denmark. Some people have to reach out themselves if they feel the need to learn a new language. One of those people is 41-year old David Sedaris, who wrote an essay called ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ in 2005. He tells the story of how he moved out from New York to France to learn French. In his attempt to learn the language he comes across a rather mean teacher who influences the way Sedaris learns French. Sedaris’ tone in his essay is generally casual. The use of causality makes the essay more identifia-ble to the reader. This is clearly seen in some of his everyday terms such as: “My school is an easy ten-minute walk from my apartment” (L. 7). Sedaris also uses a lot of humor throughout his essay. He does not understand every single word of French and some of the words the teacher say will be something along the lines “If you have not meimslsxp or lgpdmurct by this time, then you should not be in this room.” (L. 21-22). Another example of Sedaris’ humor can be seen when he feels like Pa Kettle trapped…show more content…
The teacher’s approach to teaching is: The harder she pushes the students the harder they will work and the more they will learn. Some people might argue that this is not the proper way to learn. Many people would surely prefer a safe environment where it is okay to make a mistake and discuss issues in a language they are far more comfortable to speak. As a result of the teacher being so mean the students are frightened to speak. Though through hard times most people will often feel like it helps that you are not the only one struggling, something that the refugees most defi-nitely must be feeling when they arrive at a new country and has to learn a new

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