Comparing The Serial Killers Of H. Holmes And Jack The Ripper

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Conspiracy theories have become a prevalent part of today’s society as the ever-looming belief that the government cannot be trusted further continues to be present thought. A leading conspiracy theory is that the infamous serial killers H.H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper were in fact one in the same. It is believed that H.H. Holmes committed anywhere from 20 to 200 murders during the middle to late 1800’s. He was arrested and tried for the homicides in 1894, but was not convicted until 1895. The next year, in May of 1896 H.H. Holmes was hung for the murder of one of his victims, Benjamin Pitezel, later being laid to rest in a cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the same time H.H. Holmes was running rampant and carrying out his killing spree, London also had a …show more content…

Holmes are one in the same. There has been an air of secrecy surrounding both serial killers. As stated in prior paragraphs H.H. Holmes was tried and convicted of his business partner, Pitezel’s murder for which he was later hung for. However, it is thought that Holmes tricked a man into going into the gallows for him. There are various suspicious events that occurred after H.H. Holmes supposed death. A detective who discovered the remains of Pitezel’s three children became ill, the warden at Moyamensing prison later committed suicide. The priest who had delivered Holmes last rites died of mysterious causes. The district attorney’s office burnt down, eerily enough a picture of Holmes fully intact was found among the charred remains of the building (Corey, 2013). The suspicious circumstances that surrounded the case of H.H. Holmes became known as the Holmes Curse. Holmes old office building which was turned into a post office burnt down shortly after being raided by police. The workers and customers stated they often heard strange noises and weird sightings at that location (Corey,

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