Comparison Between 'Ambush And Why Soldier Won' T Talk

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In the text “Ambush” and “Why Soldiers Won’t Talk,” the narrator showed many signs of PTSD. PTSD is common and it should also be treated or it could get very bad. The three signs that showed in the text was the following: flashbacks, guilt, and he also felt slowed down. The narrator had many flashbacks from when he was in the Vietnam war. His flashbacks were disturbing, and he couldn’t get them off his mind. Cognitive Therapy is therapy to cure PTSD, and the first step to making it better was to talk about his flashbacks. In a flashback, a person may feel or act as if a traumatic event is happening again. Like the narrator, one of his flashbacks was of him not thinking about killing the soldier, but killing him. He stated, “I remembered the grenade seeming to freeze above me for an instant, as if a camera had clicked , and I remembered ducking down and holding my breath and seeing little wisps of fog rise from the earth(“Ambush”). Unfortunately, his flashbacks made him feel guilty. …show more content…

He felt very guilty for killing the man who wasn’t trying to shoot at him. In the text, it stated that the man carried his weapon in one hand, muzzle down, moving without any hurry up the center of the trail. Therefore, he wasn’t trying to shoot at him but acting before thinking, the narrator had already pulled the pin to his grenade. “ There were no thought about killing,” said the narrator. “The grenade was to make him go away - just evaporate - and I leaned back and felt my mind go empty and the felt it fill up again.” “Sometimes I forgive myself, and other times I don't.” Therefore, it's hard for him to function very

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