Comparison Of Fahrenheit 451 And Marionettes, Inc.

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How many drags of a drug would it take for you to become addicted? Mobs of people believe that they cannot become addicted to something, especially if they’re strongly repulsed by it. However, when it's everywhere it is hard not to become desensitized to it, used to it, numb to it. In many of Ray Bradbury’s stories such as Fahrenheit 451 and Marionettes, Inc., a minute amount of characters are graced, or cursed, with a different point of view compared to the rest of the society. They do not see the truth behind everything, how their world is built upon a facade of human thought and expression, hindering love and hurting those who can see the distraught in those they have compassion for. These connections have been replaced by technology. Earbuds …show more content…

Television screens are plastered everywhere, thoughts are discouraged, and nobody grows, or broadens their horizons from this strong and impulsive addiction. Suffering in silence, people have become negatively impacted by the misuse of tech, making them numb, bleak, and dysfunctional, taking away from the real things in life. Every day people are hurting, bottling their emotions deep down inside of them, whether they realize it or not. This theme is common throughout Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and Marionettes, Inc., subtly shown through the character's dialogue and emotions. Technology can be a friend, but in this case, has been used as a malicious mace to swing against the vulnerable people of society. The government takes advantage of this, controlling people through instant gratification, always giving them a pleasurable distraction to run away from their problems and the inevitable pain of the world that most would rather not face. Characters, like Montag, start to become self-aware of the world and the effects that technology has on it, making him question “When did the numbness really begin in my face? In my body” (Bradbury 73)? Hiding in the shadows and accepting the world as it was used to work, but the repercussions of technology addiction caught up to him,

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