Comparison Of Healthcare Systems In Canada And The United States

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Healthcare and access to medical aid vary from country to country, and because of this inconsistency, there has been an ongoing debate on which country has it right. While America is Canada’s closest neighbour, our countries have prominent differences when comparing our Healthcare Systems. Although the United States health care has vastly improved since 2010, the system still acts with major flaws leaving over 30 million residents without health coverage today. Throughout this essay, I will be comparing at the drastic differences of Healthcare Systems in Canada and the United States. The most prevalent differences between the two healthcare systems would be that Canada has a universal healthcare plan for citizens and the U.S has private and public plan. The government primarily provides Heath insurance for the public Spector, as 60-65% of healthcare spending comes from insurance program coverage such as Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, or Military/Veterans coverage. Those who are eligible to be covered under public insurance, which is roughly 21.1%, are covered under programs such as "Obamacare" named after the current president of the United States, Barack Obama. Even though Obamacare is a huge step in the right direction for healthcare coverage, families are still paying out-of-pocket monthly for health coverage. If you do not fall under the eligibility for any kind of healthcare insurance, you will be left …show more content…

CHIP will then cover any outstanding medical expenses for the families. Medicaid is a medical program created by the government for citizens with very low income. Additionally, Medicare is a medical coverage program paid through the government paid for by taxes, which covers individuals over the age of 65 who are retired and are no longer in the

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