Comparison Of Paul Revere's Ride And The Other Riders

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Imagine if you were Paul Revere's friend and had to climbing up a church tower and you had scared a flock of pigeons you got scared. Would you want to look dawn off the peak of the roof? The two texts i read were Paul Revere’s Ride and The Other Riders. The authors of the two texts were Henry Longfellow and PBS. Though there were many similarities between the two texts, such as both texts involve the same problem of the British coming to attack, similar settings, and Paul Revere riding to Lexington, there were also many differences. There were many differences between the two texts including, author’s purpose, text structure, and facts. The first difference between the two texts was Author’s purpose. According to Paul Revere’s Ride, …show more content…

Paul Revere's ride has poems, rhyming, Stanzas and settings not descriptions. The rhyme scheme for Paul Revere is a a b b a c c d c d e f f f f. In “The Other Riders”, the text structure is written as an article and has pictures, captions, paragraphs, headings, notes in margins, and a descriptive setting. Some examples of headings are “Sneaking past guards and Spreading the word”.(PBS #). Pages 145. Finally there were many differences of the facts that were presented in the two texts.Paul Revere and dawes were riding and warned new england. They didn’t visit small towns more than once for ex:dedham, needham and framingham, Newtown, watertown. This takes place throughout day and night. The other riders were captured by the British. It said that Paul Revere got away and the other two riders were captured by the british soldiers. There are some similarities and some difference. To sum it up: In conclusion, there were many differences and few similarities between the texts “The Other Riders” and “Paul Revere’s Ride”. The main difference between the two texts were the way they were composed. One was a historical article that had many facts, while the poem was missing important information. It is always important to read more than one piece of text on the same topic if you want to find out if something true or

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