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Computer animation makes the technological world more interesting and enjoyable as well as making it more simplified. Computer animation rules above all technologies, better yet it is used in all technologies with a display screen of any sort and for many educational purposes and careers. The most common animation for computers known are video games, animated movies, and other movies using green screens or photoshop to animate. Besides movies and video games computer animation is used for multiple careers. For example, in medicine to teach the whole anatomy of the body and make a 3­D model of a virtual body, or an architect using computer animation to show a preview on how construction may finish looking. Computer animation is used daily in …show more content…

Every frame must hit to reflect certain colors. Now non­cartoon movies are said to bring stories to life, but when these stories are mythical there is only so much the props crew can do, the rest is left to the combat designer in digital animation. Millions of movies are given that enchantment to the film because of the green screens and photoshop that come into place in computer animation.
For example 20th Century Fox uses computer animation in a great way producing one of their biggest movie hits, the Star Wars series. No doubt Star Wars would not be the huge hit it has been without the animation and touch­ups that were used like the The Death Star. The Death
Star, is one of the many most famous objects that was animated using computers.

Big Industries and Companies dedicated in fields of computer programming mostly known for entertainment purposes are such. For animated movies Pixar is the leading computer­generated imagery animation production company from where great movies such as
Finding Nemo, Cars, and Inside Out were produced, probably because of their insanely good computer animation over the past decades to bring to life beautiful animations. As for …show more content…

Computer animation has the capacity to combine both energy and emotion to simple objects to give them life.
Computer animation can be categorized into two different sections, computer­assisted and computer­generated. They can both be presented through a film or a video in which the object shows up moving or animated. Computer­assisted animation works on two­dimensional planes while computer­generated animation works on 3­D objects. There are several animation techniques such as traditional, keyframing, procedural, behavioral, performance based, physically based, and morphing. Morphing is one of the most complex transformations in animation. It is a very fluid motion and it can create a sense as if the object is melting.
Traditional animation is one of the most common ones, mostly in cartoons as it needs to be first drawn by hand. It requires a large amount of effort even in the smallest movie films made.
Although computer animation has only been around for over 80 years, it has definitely improved lifestyles across the globe, the office, and the entertainment industries. Computer animation has changed the concept of technology in which it brings it to life with motion

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