Conch Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Lord of the Flies Brianna Poole Symbols are used in everyday life. Symbols such as a conch represent and explain different meanings. Writers use symbols such as this to help readers understand what is taking place in a story without describing it in words. In terms of this Golding uses the conch in the Lord of the Flies as a symbol of power and order to prove civilization is essential in the battle of evil. The first time the reader realizes the power of the conch is in the beginning whenever the conch was found on the island. To illustrate Ralph says “ I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak, he can hold it when he’s speaking.”(33) This quote shows power and keeping everyone in line at the beginning of their journey on the island. For when someone raises the conch all the other boys are instructed to be quiet and listen to the speaker. This situation is like that of school, raising hands. It shows that …show more content…

Ralph says “If I blow the conch and they don’t come back then we’ve had it. We shan’t keep the fire going we’ll be like animals, we’ll never be rescued.”(92) This shows that if no one follows the rules then everything will go down hill. To be able to stick together and help each other out they have to follow and believe in the same laws. If the boys do not stick together they will soon fall into the hands of evil and begin to become savage. The boys need each other and rules to help them ever overcome anything as strong as evil. They need to keep order within them to be able for everything to go as best as it can on the island. If the boys fall apart and do not control themselves or the others everything will soon and easily be destroyed. Order will not be in existence if the boys are all fighting on a little island, It is just not possible if all of them are disagreeing and turning on

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