Connie's Cluess In The Story Of Arnold Friend

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A lot of clues in the story hinted that Arnold Friend wasn’t a friend at all, but was a demon that came to take Connie away. When Arnold Friend was first introduced, Connie kept an uneasy feeling about him and felt intrigued by his presence. For example, Arnold immediately starts to ask Connie if she wants to come for a ride. (Oates 1012). Arnold seems to add pressure to Connie from the start and is obviously not there just to take her for a ride. Arnold’s way of talking could possibly even have a sexual connotation that Connie does not pick up on because she’s young and oblivious to the world of sexual pleasures that Arnold lives in. Oates chooses words very carefully to show that Arnold is a devious snake. Connie sees Arnold many times as
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