Consumerism In Feed

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“The media is the most powerful entity on earth” (Malcolm X). In Feed by M.T. Anderson, corporations have all the dominance over the people who have the feed because they are in control of the media, and consumerism. In this futuristic society, Titus and his friends base their lives around their feeds; a new invention that is a computer in one 's head. All of these citizens base their lives around the feed so the corporations are in control of them, therefore allowing the corporations to be the most powerful force in society. In Feed, consumerism and media are portrayed as the norm in society, even though they both are killing all of the people with the feed slowly; this is shown through the fashion, mass-control through advertisement, and people’s …show more content…

Lesions are horrendous sores that many people with the feed develop. While these sores do not sound beautiful, people are still turning them into a fashion statement. In the beginning of the book, lesions were considered undesirable. Quendy, one of Titus’ friends throughout the book had a lesion on her forehead. When she noticed it, she began to freak out saying, ‘“It is going to be like larger than my whole head! I am going to need a hat just to have all this lesion”’ (Anderson 21). Quendy acknowledges that the lesions are gross, but uses fashion to hide the problem, not solve it. By the end of the book Quendy, arrives at a party with artificial lesions all over her body, showing them off, and says, “...for your info, it 's called ‘birching’...” (Anderson 192). However, despite how ‘fashionable’ they are Titus thinks the lesions are “ eyes. They got bigger and redder when she moved” (Anderson 192). Fashion has gone too far, Quendy has moved from hiding her illness to flaunting it, in spite of how harmful and painful they are to her body.It only took a few weeks to make lesions popular, which brings to light how quickly fashion trends switch due to the media holding so much power over the people. Fashion is now a tool to promote an unhealthy lifestyle and the media is used to promote

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