Containment Dbq Analysis

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Containment was used by the United States so they could prevent communism spreading and was used towards the Guatemalans, Greece, Turkey, and Cuba during the cold war. In which was successful in stopping communism from spreading but did require people being killed or be put in jail which is bad because they got punished for something they believed on. This happened around 1954 because at that time they were fighting the cold war so they had to come with a quick and effective way to stop communism from spreading and containment was the solution. Containment was a big step for the Unites states, they were to intimidate the Soviet Union. As document A states “ I therefore make this proposal: We are willing to remove from Cuba the [missiles] which you regard as offensive…” so this shows that they were really afraid that with one wrong move the United States would just blow all those countries, they were going to give the United States what they wanted. This shows that they were willing to give something up because they knew that the United States had the upper hand. So then Soviet Union ended up giving something up making the United States more superior from document A “We in making this pledge, will promise not to invade Turkey… The United States Government will promise not to invade Cuba…” in which helped the United States by communism not spreading to another country. In a way when Kennedy in Document B states that “There is no reason why we …show more content…

It did cause some people to be exiled or imprisoned in 1954 in Guatemala, and did bring a strain between the countries. In the end containment was the only solution the United States had at the time and they executed it so it would not fail because in the United States eyes the lives of other people and the United States government where in jeopardy and did it while the United States in was in a cold

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