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Roosevelt gained the support of blacks and women because of his false promises and the unintentional help his program gave them. Women and blacks faced harsh discrimination even in the 1930’s. They believed that FDR was going to pass programs within the New Deal that would grant them more freedoms, like in the Progressive Era. However, Roosevelt was too preoccupied trying to end the Great Depression during his presidency that the minorities fell victim. They worked more hours and were not focused on in the New Deal’s actions. Despite his false campaigns, some of the New Deal’s programs ended up slightly benefitting the two groups. Such programs are the National Youth Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Works Progress Administration. …show more content…

One success of the New Deal is that it instilled hope within the American people that the economy could get better and the Depression could end. In addition, the programs created numerous organizations to help relieve the American people of their suffering, such as the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Social Security Act of 1935. Roosevelt was said to have lessened the worst of the Depression and put America on the road to recovery. Other programs enacted by the Hundred Day Congress that were rewarding were the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which allowed Roosevelt to regulate banking transactions and made banks safer to use, the Federal Emergency Relief Act, which provide immediate relief to the people, and the Fair Labor Standards Act, which established minimum wage and maximum work hours. However, the New Deal failed to end the Great Depression, the sole intention of the programs. Unemployment was still on the rise with the New Deal, and many reforms began to be declared unconstitutional. The Supreme Court ended both Roosevelt’s Agricultural Adjustment Act and the National Recovery Administration. Roosevelt and his programs began to lose support after he tried to pack the Supreme Court and ignored checks and balances. Overall, there were advantages and disadvantages with the New …show more content…

The Korean War was an example of containment, where the U.S. aided South Korea against North Korea. North Korea is communist and had troops in South Korea, which they were ordered to withdraw by the United Nations. After they did not, America sent troops to aid South Korea and started a war. North Korea then got help from China and Russia, other communist powers. The issue with the Korean War was the controversy over the containment policy. People argue that it caused mass casualties, economic problems and that the U.S. was overextending their power. The policy gave the United States a loose reason to go to any war as long as it mentioned communism. Moreover, causing it to be corrupted to benefit America’s personal interests. Also, there was criticism because South America has a dictator, but said they were democratic. Therefore, people argued that this was a war the U.S. should have never been involved in because it was not to fight for democracy. Overall, the Korean War impacted the concept of

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