The Effects Of The New Deal Dbq

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FDR Dbq During the era of 1920’s, domestic goods and appliances were huge and mainly consumed through credited system or installments. This was causing less money being circulated throughout the banks, which led towards economic downfall and unemployment. On October 29th, 1929 (Black Tuesday), the stock market crashed, mainly generated through the failure of the banks. All these events lead to horrific time period that U.S. faced called the Great Depression. Being the President during that time, Hoover decided to maintain laissez-faire attitude and keep the government out of the economy affairs. But after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s election, government started to get involved into economic affairs and cooperating through the policy called …show more content…

New Deal was solely created to prevent the terror of Great Depression from spreading further. Through relief, recovery and reform programs like AAA, CCC, WPA and etc expressed on the tree, FDR considered to give aid to people who were suffering( Doc 3). This expanded the role of FDR’s government in the Great Depression. This documents delivers that the vast majority of 3 R programs and their effectiveness throughout this horrific time. Additionally, New Deal established the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) or also known as the Wagner Act to protect the rights of workers to organize, bargain collectively, and strike( Doc 6). FDR created this program in order to prevent employees from interfering with the labor unions. This encourages workers to work hard and make equal amount of money that they work …show more content…

In (Doc 2), Author’s point of view was that business community can handle economic problems much better than government. This totally opposes the New Deal and extending power of the federal government. It also favors less of government getting involved in economic crisis. (Doc 5) Charles Evans Hughes mentions how the provision of codes imposed by the government have begun to restrict workers wages and hours. The court invalid that the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) because powers given to the federal government could not justify under interstate commerce clause. This was endangering other programs under the New Deal as well. Furthermore, In (Doc 7), FDR portrays Blacks as part of the country and must be chosen in all type of programs that take place. But the segregation was still taking place knowing that on many occasions, they denied them entry in government-built towns such as Norris and Boulder City. This shows they were still having trouble maintaining the continuity because discrimination was still transpiring. The New Deal was proving to be more harmful than being useful to

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