Contradictions In Lord Of The Flies

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The boys that crash landed on the desolate island in “The Lord of the Flies” were very unique. Yes, they all had their similarities, but most of them had very contrasting appeals and ideas. For example, Jack and Ralph were very opposed to each other. Jack wanted to do nothing but hunt and have a blast. Ralph took a more sensible approach and stuck with the basics. He made sure they had shelter and a decent amount of fruit. He also felt a need to keep a signal fire going in hopes of rescue. His advisor was a smart boy named Piggy who fueled his logical ideas. Other boys on the island had many little similarities and contradictions. Roger and Simon are the most distinctive characters. The similarities between the two are very limited. Like most kids on the island, they both had their inner struggles. They both try to appeal to their leaders (Roger to Jack, Simon to Ralph), although it seems that Roger only intended to rise to the top and Simon simply wanted to be a friend. Both of the boys have their own “place” where they can fit in or be themselves. Lastly, throughout the book, they had a tendency to be vaguely mysterious. Simon puts on this air by sneaking off to his hideaway and being the only one to talk to the Lord of the Flies. He heard creepy things like “I’m warning you. I’m going to get angry” …show more content…

Simon was killed by the cruelty exhibited within Roger and all of the other boys on the island. Roger even became a killer on the island when he murdered Piggy. Lots of horrible things happened while they were stranded. Whether it was because they were forced to be in each other’s company, or because there weren’t any adults to enforce the law, the situations that unfolded could easily have been prevented if everyone behaved like simon. Unfortunately, everyone is unique. The kind and logical boys were few and far between. People were killed. That’s just the way things are, and there isn’t much to be done about

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