How Is Simon Presented In Lord Of The Flies

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Characters who are isolated in a story can highlight important themes of a story like discrimination and injustice that may be otherwise missed. In William Golding’s haunting and allegorical novel Lord of the Flies, Simon is an outcast among the boys on the island due to his physical appearance and unique personality. Simon’s alienation reveals the conflicting values of the boys on the island and highlights the other boy’s moral decline and descent into savageness. Simon looks different than the other boys in Lord of the Flies. He has black hair, is skinnier and shorter than the others, and faints often. Ralph points out that “we could talk over his head" (Golding 24). Simon also has a unique personality that sets him apart from the other boys. He is a shy and introverted boy who is frequently lost in thought. This makes it harder for him to connect with the other boys on the island who …show more content…

Simon continues to be civilized as the boys become brute and barbaric. He is kind and compassionate toward the littluns, helps them pick fruit, and comforts them when they are scared while the other boys neglect them and bully them. For example, Jack uses his size to frighten the littluns. Even though Simon is little himself, he recognizes that the vulnerable like Piggy need to be protected. Simon tries to warn the others that the real beast is the one the boys have in themselves. He sees that the violence is coming from the boys. They are the ones who are burning things up, fighting, and eventually killing. Simon, however, refuses to give in to the barbarity and violence that is taking hold of the boys on the island. Simon also values spiritual truth-seeking. Rather than trying to take control of the island and control its weaker inhabitants, Simon wants to understand the island and the psychological effects of being stranded. The other boys do not value spiritual truths but instead seek power and

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