Biblical Allusions In Lord Of The Flies

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Stranded on a deserted tropical island, with no adults, was the time Simon, Piggy, and Ralph started their journey. Ralph and Piggy soon discovered a conch shell that summons a bunch of other boys on the island. They all decided that it would be best to have a leader of the group and they chose Ralph, but Jack was appointed to be leader for the boys going to hunt for food. Next, the boys decided how they wanted to send a signal in case a plane would fly over the island. Their conclusion was to keep a fire lit at all times. As the story progressed, readers saw how the boys became bloodthirsty savages, except for Simon, Ralph, and Piggy. Each of these characters relate to biblical references since the beginning of the book, The Lord of the Flies …show more content…

His personality traits show that he is devoted spiritually, non-violent, in harmony with the world, and empathetic. Simon is characterized as an outsider because he has seizures, but the boys think he is pretending because it occurs very often. Later on, Simon has a conversation with The Lord of the Flies, which is a dead pig’s head. Their conversation resembles Christ’s conversation with the devil during his forty days in the wilderness. The Lord of the Flies was trying to convince Simon that evil was inside the boys and that Simon was good but everyone was going to have fun except for Simon. Simon has to quit being perfect and become like the rest of the boys. “You’re not wanted. Understand? We are going to have fun on this island.” (p. 131) Simon did not conform and believe what The Lord of the Flies was telling him to do, thus imposing his Christ-like perception. Simon also has a revelation of knowing the truth about the beast at the end of the book. When Simon climbs the mountain he discovers that the beast does not exist because it is just a dead human. Christ’s revelation relates to Simon’s because they both knows the truth. Ralph and Jack symbolize Cain and Abel. Cain and Jack envied Abel and Ralph because they succeeded more. Out of this, Cain killed Abel but then wept over killing his own brother. Jack was about to kill Ralph for being elected chief, but did not end up killing him because the military appeared

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