Simon Lord Of The Flies Microcosm Analysis

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Have you ever heard of a microcosm? A microcosm is a word used to represent something on a much smaller scale. It is usually applied to human beings, who are considered to be “small-scale models” of the universe, with all their flaws and evildoings. The book Lord of the Flies, by William Golding is an example of a microcosm. All of the characters and events that happen in the story all have a meaning and purpose to them that display and show human natures naturally “savagery” and willingness to be sinful. The book represent the natural universe and how all of us have a “beast” inside of us. The character Simon, in this book, is the only character that realizes this and tries to tell the others. Unfortunately for him, he never gets the chance …show more content…

This is very symbolic because the hunters are symbolic of when human nature becomes savage. Simon’s character represents a Christ-like image of all religions who confront and/or reveal some the darkest parts of human nature.“What I mean is... Maybe it's only us...” (chp. 5) He recognizes that the beast is inside of the boys and there actually isn’t a beast in real life. His personality is very different than that of the other boys. In the book he has a softness towards the littunes and even helps pick the best fruit for them that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach. He also helps Ralph make shelters at the beginning of the book when no one else wanted to. Simon is also known to one of the most insightful and bravest of the boys on the island. While in the jungle and climbing up to the mountain he is unafraid and even goes to see the beast on his own. In conclusion, Simon is very symbolic in the book Lord of the Flies and represents a Christ-like character who reveals darker parts of human nature. Simon’s character represents the themes of savagery and the beast and of civilization. The “beast” that the author William Golding uses in the book represents the the savage impulses

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