The Golden Ass: An Analysis

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A gun is not always needed in order to be in control. In The Golden Ass, the act of sex gives women power over men in the form of coercion and domination. In the book, women are commonly the one initiating the act. A majority of the time they are even made to be the one taking multiple lovers while their husband remains in the dark. These actions are a way for the women to gain some control in their patriarchal society. Apuleius offers many examples of this, specifically between Fotis and Lucius and in the story of the Smith and his wife (Apuleius). One of the benefits is it offers a form of control over those who are persistently controlling them. Sexual encounters are a way for women to control men. In society, women are expected to bear…show more content…
Women wishing for various acts from their partners can have trouble to convince them to participate, the level of vulnerability that comes with sexual encounters is a window of opportunity for women to convince their partner of something they would otherwise oppose. Lucius offers an example when the two are suddenly yearning for each other and “... rushed naked together in Bacchic fury; and when I was nearly worn out by the natural consummation of my desire, she tempted me to make love to her as though she were a boy…” (pp.66-67) The two pulling off their clothes shows the exposure of their vulnerability to one another. Lucius then says that he is completely worn out from the experience, but Fotis convinces him to do more. Her actions imply that she was not worn out, but wanted more. She takes advantage of his weariness to manipulate him into an action outside of the typical routine. This was done not for Lucius’ benefit but for her…show more content…
In society, women are expected to follow the commands of their husband and never ask for anything in return. As a way for women to feel some control in the relationship, they dominant their husband in the bedroom. The interactions between Lucius prove this to be true through Fotis ' control of the seductive act of drinking wine and during the act of sex when she physically is on top of him. This physical dominance represents the mental dominance women seek towards the men. Sex is also used as a way for women to manipulate their husbands, and benefit. Again, Lucius and Fotis are a perfect example when after a sexual encounter, Lucius is exhausted yet Fotis tempts him into a new act. This temptation was her form own manipulation which in the end was for her benefit. After finishing the book with the prominent theme of sex, and the control women utilize through, it comes to question if the act of sex falls into the real of men or

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