Controversial Killers-Personal Narrative

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She left the room. I was alone once again, thinking the same thoughts I was thinking before when Ryan was murdered. “Oh and honey,” my mom said when she popped her head back in, “School is cancelled today. With all of these..murders, they don’t want the kids to be out.” “Oh okay thankyou.” She was gone again. Then there was a knock at the front door. I ran down stairs and answered the door. “Hi I’m Detective Nigal, you must be Maria,” he said. “Yes, I am. May I ask what you are doing at my house?” “I am here to talk to you about the two murders that have previously happened.” “Yes, I have heard about those all over the news and in the news papers.” “While we have an understanding that you were with both of these guys or had recently been with them before both of the murders. Is this true?” …show more content…

I was with them both to study and to help them with exams and tests.” “Where were you after these study sessions?” “Well after my study session with Ryan I went home, but I never actually got to study with AJ he was never home when I went over.” “Oh is that so? Well I hate to inform you the reason I came over here was to ask you a few questions, but to also inform you the evidence we have is not stacked in your favor Miss Maria.” “Okay, thank you for informing me. Have a good afternoon Detective Nigal.” I close the door and turn away. Me a murderer, how could anyone think that, why would I even do something like that? I walk up the stairs and sit down on my bed. What can I do to help this situation? They are never going to believe me if I tell them I didn’t do it, so that means I have to take this into my own hands and find something out on my own. I pick up my phone and call Roger to ask him to meet up tonight to get something to eat. “Hello, it’s me,” I

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