Controversy Sandwich

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Many people make different types of sandwiches in various ways. Making a sandwich requires a little time and a little effort. The most efficient way to make the best, mouth-watering, fried, peanut butter and jelly sandwich is to gather all ingredients and appliances, and assemble the sandwich to serve or enjoy. Firstly, there are only a few ingredients that needs to be gathered in order to make a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The ingredients are as follows: white bread, strawberry jelly, peanut-butter, and one-third stick of butter. Set ingredients on a clean counter space. After gathering ingredients, gather all cooking appliances. This would include: having a stove, round skillet, spatula, plate, paper towels, filleting knife,…show more content…
With the skillet already on the big eye on the stove, turn the temperature knob to level six. Find the bright yellow butter and place it in the skillet. Wait two minutes for the butter to melt. Once all of the now dull yellow butter is sizzling in the pan, take the pan off of the stove and shake it forwards and backwards until the entire inside of the skillet is covered with melted butter. Place the skillet back on the eye that is glowing red and pick up the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With the sandwich in hand, place it in the skillet. Locate the spatula and pick it up. Wait forty-five seconds. After time is up, using the flat part of the spatula, flip the sandwich. Wait forty-five more seconds. If the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not yet golden brown, flip the sandwich again, and leave it in the skillet for thirty more seconds. This must be done to the other side as well. Begin to press the top piece of white bread down, flattening the sandwich. Flip the sandwich again. Press this side down likewise. Turn the temperature knob down to level two just to keep the sandwich warm. While it is keeping warm, grab the plate off the counter. With the plate in one hand and the warm silver spatula in the other hand, remove the peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the skillet and place it on the plate. Put the plate back on the counter and the spatula in the sink. Pick up the filleting knife and cut
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