Martha Stewart Kitchen Research Paper

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Dishes were always a big issue in my house. In the beginning, I would keep everything clean as a perfect Martha Stewart kitchen. But one day I started working outside the house and I had a new baby. I woke up early in the morning, breastfed my baby, got dressed and faced one hour commute to my work place. Every day, when coming back home, I had to breastfeed my baby again, cook the meal for the family and clean the kitchen, and off course, wash the dishes. My sink became messy with a pile of dishes that were tossed there until I got home. By that time, my husband was a stay home dad , as he had lost his job. I noticed that instead of helping me out, washing his own dishes, at least, he used all the cleaning ones until none was available. I started wondering why he would do that , when I was hassling between my job, the commute, the nights awake to breast feed my three months baby and the kitchen chores. Why? He likes to make scrambled eggs in the morning for his breakfast. And you know, to make scrambled eggs, you …show more content…

I love cooking. I care about my pots and pans, gadgets, spices, everything in the kitchen. He knows that. When making scramble eggs in a nonstick skillet, he sometimes uses a silverware that sketches the bottom of the pan. You don 't have to love cooking to understand that this is just wrong! All my skillets were screeched. So, I decided to go to the store and buy a new one. This would solve the problem, as I repeatedly asked him to not scratch the nonstick pans with an unappropriated spoon during his morning ritual. He ignored me. After I got the new skillet I had i talk with him. We had a talk, again. The story repeated itself, and at this time, he started using only the new skillet. In the end of the week he had scratched the new skillet more than all the other ones. Despite, I specifically told him that the new skillet was for my use only, because I need to prepare certain kind of healthy meals where a nonstick pan was

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