Cormac Mccarthy The Road

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In The Road by Cormac McCarthy, the story talks about a boy and his father after the apocalypse. The setting is so terrible the father needs the sustenance of the past. The father wants to commemorate the past, but it misleads him from survival, due to the pain he obtains from it. While the boy was sleeping, the man acquired a flashback. It was the understanding of not saving his wife, furthermore admitting he should have tried to “keep her in their lives” (Pg.54). Screaming her name out loud caused him to “taste the blood” (Pg.54). The blood was thought of the past when his wife took the sharp piece of glass and never returned back to them. The boy immediately ascended from his sleep and begins to tell his father; “I wish I was with my mommy” (Pg.55). The father didn’t know how he could respond so he told him; “you wish you were dead” (Pg.55). The only thing that causes the anger of the father is that these memories might be doing some “violence to its origins. As in a party game.” (Pg.131). Wanting to forget the past by not focusing on a certain memory considering it is hurting …show more content…

As they were heading south to shore line, Cormac McCarthy illustrates the world as something that “used to be” (Pg.182). Moving south only means hope to the boy when he found a map it brought goosebumps to the father. The map symbolizes the similarity between the boy and the man because they both enjoy maps: “he poured over maps as a child” (Pg.182). The similarity between the father and son is like all others in modern today. When we find connections it gives us happiness and very big hope of one day connecting again. The boy wonders as well as the father when they will get to the shore line because they now have: “to carry the fire” (Pg.195). Carrying the fire is being the good guys, which is in this story is to not become cannibals even if there is no food to

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