Double Boned Corset Analysis

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Camellias 26 Double Steel Boned Corset - Camellias 26 Double Boned Underbust Corset includes 20 spiral bones, 4 solid steel bones supporting the back, and another 2 at the front busk for support. An incredibly stylish corset, it comes in several variations and color choices and offers three layers of supportive cotton fibers to reinforce the heavy duty nature of this best corset waist cincher. Other appealing features of this corset are the long, sturdy black ribbons that lace up the back and of course, the Camellias trademark label helping ensure the purchase of a quality garment as only Camellia can create. Sizing should be 3-4" less then the natural waistline of the individual, however, several customers have stated that they would go …show more content…

Thoughtfully designed with a wide variety of consumers in mind, LYZ Steel Boned Corsets are spiral boned providing greater flexibility than those with only solid steel bones, lending itself to greater mobility and increase comfort, especially for those new to waist training. Most of these corsets are underbust with a few full bodice alternatives, however the unique styling of this line definitely affords consumers a plethora of choices including those that are elegant and a few that are creative, to say the least. Overall customer reviews are favorable and manufacturer suggests using their sizing chart to a more accurate and successful fit. Secure back lacing aids in creating an even midsection compression. Each of these steel boned corsets comes with a matching …show more content…

The long-line Edwardian styling is effective in creating a classic look with 22 double steel bones and a 5" modesty panel. The 22 bones are distributed as follows: 4 solid steel bones in the back, 16 spring steel bones throughout the garment, and 2 steel bones at the busks. A corset that is truly designed for individuals whom are longer through the torso, this garment measures 15 1/2 inches in the front, 13 1/2 inches in the sides, and 12 inches in the back. Double Boned waist trainer also boasts sturdy 4-layer cotton construction for both comfort and

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