Analysis Of Do Angels Wear Brassieres By Olive Senior

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FINAL ESSAY FOR COMPARATIVE LITERATURE “Do angels wear brassieres?" is a short story written by Olive Senior. In analyzing this story the main theme emanating from this story was one of self-identity where traditional stereotypes about women’s and their identities will be contested. This story is set in Jamaica where the author denotes issues of hierarchy and class stratification in a family which is female centered. The main character are; a girl named Rebecca aka Beccka, her mother Cherry, and aunt Mary. The unfolding story was based in a rural village located in Jamaica. The characters speak a dialect which is rich and colorful, and this is shaped and controlled by humor and comedy, allowing the reader a great insight into their way of life. Olive Senior short story “Do angels wear brassieres?" demonstrates a strong cultural and social reference where the emphasis is on women, and there identity as women. The case of Beccka, in the story takes into account women’s view and her interpretation of the world. Her personal experience is socially and theoretically constructed and emotions play an essential role in the process of identity formation. Her identity is not fixed, which is portrayed by inquisitiveness that her own mother and Aunt thought she was possessed, enhanced and made this story an enriching experience. The family is the first agent of socialization, as the story illustrates, even the most basic of human activities are learned and through socialization people

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