Julia Alvarez Sisters

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In the Dominican Republic, General Rafael Trujillo 's dictatorship is being judged within the eyes of the four Maribal sisters. In the story "In the Time of the butterflies" by Julia Alvarez the four sisters that are all strikingly different, are contemplating on whether to follow along with the anti- Trujillo movement. Minerva being the most dominant one out of all the sisters, is first to follow through against Trujillo. Alvarez involves feminism, rhetorical and literary devises, and portrayed various themes in her novel. Along with showing the strong relationship, and the differences between the four sisters, they showed us readers the true meaning of family. The sisters were best known as "Las mariposas" that means butterflies. Trujillo’s …show more content…

It was highly expected for the women to obey either their husbands or father’s decisions. At that point in time women weren 't as well respected, men were always the most dominant. Julia Alvarez could portray that otherwise by the four sisters showing women 's self-worth and righteousness. Minerva was unhesitant about women 's right she was first to join against Trujillo. Each sister had strong characteristics to show their willingness to not give up on a better life for them and their children. "Your responsibility is to your children, your husband, and your own! His face was so clouded in anger; I couldn 't see the man I loved" (Alvarez 166). Patria 's husband was filled with anger due to her decision that she wanted both her and her husband to take part of the resistance with their eldest son, but Pedrito was more worried about losing his land when it was Partia 's dad 's land to begin with. ""What if I can 't"" Dede 's voice shook. 'Jaimito thinks it 's suicide. He told me that he 'll have to leave me if I get mixed up in this thing. ' There, she 'd said it... She was hiding behind her husband’s fear"(Alvarez 180). This quote showed that Dede was the one with the most fear in her heart, she was afraid that Jaimito would leave her if she were to join with her sisters. As the reader, we come to realize how

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