Factors Affecting Anne Monroe's Identity Formation

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Anne Monroe was confronted with many challenges during adolescents. There are several factors that influenced her identity formation such as parenting, her personality as well as her school and community etc. Parenting generally plays an essential role in one’s identity formation. Anne Monroe’s parents are separated and she does not have a good relationship with her father and as an adolescent strong-parent attachment bonds provides adolescents with support as well as guidance in life. Moreover, peer interactions as well as school and the community influenced Anna’s identity formation. Anna was at an affluent school; however she was teased by affluent children for her second hand clothing, for being skinny as well as for wearing glasses and …show more content…

Anna began acting at the age of 7 and at the age of 11 her mother saw she had potential and enrolled her into an acting school, however at the stage of 14 she got into a serious relationship with a live-in boyfriend. She started wearing black clothing, interacting with punks as well as experimenting with knife play. One outcome of this identity experiment might be rejection by her former group of friends, and constant friction with her father. Another outcome might be a sense of belonging that she shares by interacting with punks. These outcomes may offset the negative outcomes of her experiment. She is experimenting with a different identity and experiencing the results of her experiment. She will, ultimately use this information to decide upon her identity. The factor of gender could also be influenced by the issue of a male taking on the role of a female for example, taking care of one’s young siblings, cooking and cleaning etc. Similarly, a female would be confused about her gender as she now needs to fulfill roles which a male would usually do such as fixing broken appliances or taking out the

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