Cosmological Religions Essay

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Cosmological religions are ones that believes the Ultimate Power is found through nature. Hinduism and the Indigenous people are great examples of cosmological religions and reflects how one finds good through the universe and themselves. One way of showing how these two religions are cosmological is by their universal belief. A Hindu is a believer in the Brahman, the universal One Existent power. Hindu’s believe that the Brahman is everywhere around them through nature, along with dharma, a way in which all things form together through the universal ideal and social order ( Many People Many Faiths; pg. 49). Hindu’s also believe that each individual has “three aspects of consciousness”, with the prajna state of wisdom being the closest one…show more content…
Personally based off my reading in the text and background knowledge, I would say that Hinduism and Christianity are vastly different for numerous reasons. In addition to being in separate categories (Cosmological: Hinduism, Transcendental: Christianity) I find that everything about their beliefs are so polar opposite. What I found to be interestly different is their view on the destiny of the world and themselves. Hindu’s believe that the world has no beginning or end, but goes through many phases of destruction and creation (Many People Many Faiths pg. 107). Christians, however, believe that the world was in fact made by God and will end by God, and those individuals living on the last day will be sent to either heaven or hell (Many People Many Faiths; pg. 337). I also found it interesting that Hindu’s believe that an individual can live many lives, with their lives being good or bad is determined by karma (Many People Many Faiths, pg. 107). In Christianity, however, an individual is only given one life and the choices one makes in their live is a decision factor on whether they get sent to heaven or hell in the after-life (Many People, Many Faiths; pg. 337). The study of religion has vastly opened my eyes to the similarities and differences of cultures and their belief systems, which allows me to
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