Court Case Of Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez's Arrest

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Introduction: Folsom Outlet Mall, Folsom, California, the Coach Store Manager filed a report with the Local Police Department after $2500 worth of wallets was stolen from the store. The Coach Store Manager identified one of two suspects as local news anchor, Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez. Local Law Enforcement Officers conducted an investigation and issued a warrant for Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez’s arrest. They believe that she helped an accomplice steal the merchandise from the Coach Store. Arrest Process: Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez turned herself in to the police where she was placed in custody while waiting to appear before the judge. Pretrial Process: After the initial arrest, Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez appeared before a judge and was read the charges filed …show more content…

Sabrina Rodriguez. The prosecutor provided evidence that proved that Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez did, in fact, without a reasonable doubt, commit the crime brought against her. The evidence included a surveillance video from the Coach Store that showed Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez talking to an employee while another suspect is seen placing the missing wallets in her purse. Later in the video, Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez is seen walking out of the store and entering a car with the other suspect. The prosecutors also questioned an eyewitness who claimed to have overheard Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez and her accomplice discussing the crime outside of the Coach Store. The Defense Attorney argued that Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez had no knowledge of the crime committed by the other suspect and that she did not intentionally commit a crime. Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez admitted to being in the Coach Store during the alleged crime but denied all accusations that she was involved with the theft of the merchandise. Upon hearing both arguments, the jury found Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez not guilty on the felony charge for Burglary, guilty on the felony charge for Grand Theft, and guilty on the felony charge for Conspiracy for helping an accomplice steal $2500 worth of wallets from the Coach Department Store at the Folsom Outlet Mall in Folsom, …show more content…

Sabrina Rodriguez is sentenced to a state prison, upon arrival she would go through the prison intake process. The prison intake process includes an orientation period during which time an initial classification hearing will be held to determine which rehabilitation program will be best for her (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, 2015). Once placed in a program, Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez may be given a job to do and could participate in other educational resources offered. As long as Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez displays good conduct and follows the rules of the prison, she will be eligible for good behavior credits or work

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