Critical Relational Frames

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Critical Relational Frames All relational frames are important for children to develop language acquisition as well as for them to understand their environment, but others are a little more important because they deal with the child’s ability to gain his/her own perspective of life as well as self-awareness as a result authors Novak and Pelaez state, “The three frames that have been identified as the most important in this regard are the frames of “I and you”, “here and there” and “now and then” (Novak & Pelaez, 2004, p. 309). These frames are different and are developed from caregivers that offer children extensive examples in the form of language; for example the caregiver would say “what are you looking at “while focusing their gaze on…show more content…
It states that equivalence is achieved through the learner being exposed to reinforcements of language and a verbal community. Different researchers have come up with different ways to discriminate their procedures therefore the results vary. One such arbitrarily example is when a child learns to name objects and events in their world they are relational responding this according to behaviorist is a stimulus that can be link to many stimuli (Barnes-Holmes , Barnes-Holmes , Smeets , Cullinan, & Leader , 2004). It is important to note that equivalence stimuli is an empirical occurrence and RFT is the theory of how that occurrence came about; therefore they are different in many ways but can work together to derive results that can help researchers learn about the…show more content…
I learn many new strategies that can be used to help infants and toddlers increase their language acquisition. I learned that language is there since a child is born; for example if a child cries this is a form of language and a way for the child to communicate its needs to the parent. It helped me see the importance of parent talking and expanding their children vocabulary through positive reinforcements. I see relational frame theory as an extension of B.F. Skinner work on operant conditioning yet different because it uses language as a way to extend learning. Conclusion Language is important but one needs to know that there is more to language than sounds and words. In the first place, equivalence stimulus is important to be able to see the reaction that both stimulus are different but react the same towards each other and RFT gathers all these in an umbrella that reinforces language and
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