Cubicle Decoration: A Day In A Cubicle

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Whether you spend your entire day in a cubicle or have your own home office, you can decorate your space to add a little spice to the Halloween holiday. When you have to worry about the boss, you might have to tone down your Halloween decorations in your cubicle, but at home, you can get as spooky and as daring as you like. It often helps if you have a theme aside from Halloween. Set up a story for your cubicle space like it 's the scene of a horrific crime involving a stapler and office gossip.

Cubicle Decorating

Masking Tape Body
You can easily buy caution tape at the local store to string around your cubicle. Along with caution tape, you could use masking tape to create a chalk outline of where the dead body was found. These are easy ways …show more content…

You can get creative without using an overabundance of decorations. Make sure you don 't leave a drawer open that you 'll trip over though.

Tiny Figurines
Another way to celebrate the holiday without angering your boss is to bring in small figurines like tiny vampires or a little witch. You could bring in iconic, scary movie monsters like Freddie Kruger or Jason too.

Spooky House Surround
Instead of having distracting decorations all over the cubicle, you can make your own haunted house with an opening in the middle large enough for your computer monitor. You can be creative without blocking the screen or making your cubicle distracting to others. Even the strictest boss is bound to let you keep the decoration on your desk.

Office Decorating

Lobby and Office Decorations
If you 're lucky enough to have a great boss who loves the holiday, you might be able to decorate your entire office as well as have cubicle decorating competitions. While you might not have the budget to buy everything you need, you can use cheap DIY Halloween decorations.

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