Cuckoo's Nest Gender Roles

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The female characters in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest can be split into extremely different categories. Throughout the movie, the men encounter different types of roles played by women. The way each type of role is treated by the men are noticeably different.These roles are still played by women till this day. Women either are depicted as powerful and emasculating, or a men's toy.However, social media negatively influences the role women should play in men's eyes.
Women are depicted as powerful but also threatening figures throughout the movie. Women such as nurse Ratched and Billy Bibbit's mother, are seen to emasculate men and denigrate them. Bibbit's mother grip on his Billy’s life is so powerful that he commits suicide. Billy’s mother …show more content…

They are seen to remind the male patients of their masculinity. They did not receive the same type of respect as nurse Ratched. Also, the girls did not simply not care what was going on around them. Each time Mcmurphy escaped the girls went along, and never second guessed.Nurse Ratched,showed her superiority over other girls when she found Candy at the hospital.
The 1960s’ was when civil rights and feminist movements were occurring. American society was undergoing a major amount of social transformations. The courts felt women were needed more at home then in court. Women were allowed to be fired if they were pregnant.The prostitutes are not consistent with my view of women in the 1960’s. Since, they were not fighting for self respect and empowerment. Mcmurphy passed around the girls knowing they would not mind it. Nurse Ratched however, is a role which is consistent with my view of women in the 1960’s. Since, she was powerful,and did not let the men belittle her.
The movie represents the issues of sexism and authority issues. Most of the male patients have said to been involved with overpowering women in relationships. The role of each woman changed the way the men acted.This movie is representing the roles of women and how they are

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